July 10, 2019: Evers Signs 5G Bill, Ignoring Scientific Experts

July 10, 2019:  Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signs the 5G Bill today putting Wisconsinites’ health and the environment at risk despite letters to Governor Evers from medical, scientific and other experts including:

testimony by citizens at public hearings (here are just a few) and numerous letters, emails and calls to him, his staff, and State lawmakers from activists, constituents and concerned parents, Governor Evers felt it more important to keep up with neighboring states instead of slowing down and studying the issues surrounding 5G first.

In his email to Gov. Evers dated July 3, 2019, Dr. Ronald M. Powell, a retired U.S. Government career scientist/Applied Physics, said: “We in the scientific community have every reason to believe that the radiofrequency radiation produced by 5G will harm human health.”

Gov. Evers could have vetoed the 5G Bill to study the issues first. Dr. Powell continues:  “My state of Maryland is now puzzling over its own decision on 5G. Sufficient doubt existed in our 2019 session of the Maryland General Assembly that the cognizant committees postponed any decision until 2020, while they complete a summer of study on the issue.”

5G is an application of a technology proven harmful to human health and the environment in 1,000s of independent scientific studies, including the FDA-ordered National Institutes of Health/National Toxicology Program study on 2G/3G: Cancer, DNA damage, fetal harm, infertility, miscarriage, cognitive harm, anxiety/depression, migraines, sleep disorders, dizziness, nosebleeds, Alzheimer’s, brain fog, Autism/ADHD, memory issues, violence/suicide, microwave sickness/electro-hypersensitivity, etc.

Children are some of the most vulnerable because of their thinner skulls and developing brains and bodies. There are zero independent scientific studies proving 5G is safe and opposition to the 5G roll out is growing across Wisconsin and worldwide.

5G will bring powerful small cell antennas spaced 2-10 homes apart, installed on utility and light poles, all across Wisconsin. Involuntary exposure to harmful RF radiation 24/7 for non-essential perks like driverless cars, faster downloads, virtual reality, “smart” cities, highways, parks and the Internet of Things, which means virtually everything you own and buy will have a microchip or an antenna and will connect wirelessly from refrigerators to milk cartons, toothbrushes to diapers. Why? So your refrigerator can send a message to your cell phone that you are out of milk or that it’s time to change baby’s diaper!

Sorry, but you can’t opt out of a 5G cell tower nor can you turn it off.

It is not just the power of the signal that is damaging to humans, it is the spiked, erratic pulse that carries the data that is the hazard. Wireless technology sends many bursts of pulsed electromagnetic radiation per second and this constant, erratic pulse is what is so damaging to humans and wildlife.

Consumers are not demanding 5G! Fake news! Unfortunately, Wisconsin public officials have been swayed by the wireless industry’s sales pitch. They should be listening to constituents. They should be listening to the warnings by scientists and physicians who have signed the 5G Appeal to halt the 5G roll out and who have nothing to gain.

This is a Wisconsin For Safe Technology Press Release dated July 11, 2019 and news article with Wisconsin For Safe Technology’s statement that 5G technology has not been proven safe. 

The answer is wired infrastructure all the way to the home/premises. It’s faster, safer, more secure and reliable in an emergency.

Here are wireless safety tips for you and your loved ones.  You can turn off your cell phone.  You cannot turn off a cell tower.

Some Additional Resources:
Dr. Martin Pall:  “The 5G Rollout is Absolutely Insane.”
Environmental Health Trust
Physicians For Safe Technology
The Bioinitiative Report

Photo Credit: http://www.5GCrisis.com

#Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech

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