Take Action

We can’t do this without YOUR voice being heard!   

Local municipalities are uniquely qualified and trusted by their residents to manage the installation of technology infrastructure in their communities so should be allowed to make decisions about this new technology.  However, the wireless industry does not see it that way.  They are pressing our elected representatives for weaker regulations so they can continue to profit at our expense.

This is a grassroots effort, as we all know that the wireless industry throws a lot of money at politicians. 

Ways to Take Action

  1. Organize or participate in a Candle/Lantern Vigil for Safer Technology on December 20, 2020. More information at www.Stop5GInternational.org.
  2. If you live in Wisconsin, contact Governor Tony Evers and let your voice be heard. Whether you are opposed to schools blanketed in WiFi (he is the former State Superintendent) or the 5G roll-out, he needs to hear from Wisconsinites:
    Governor Tony Evers
    115 East, State Capitol
    Madison WI 53702
  3. Send your elected representatives, local officials, schools, health departments, libraries, friends and loved ones this Fact Sheet on 5G and Small CellsMost people have not heard of 5G and are not aware of proven health effects of wireless radiation. 
  4. Send your local government officials the updated Sample 5G/Telecom Code for municipalities so they can pass a protective 5G telecom ordinance in your community.
  5. It is possible for municipalities to deny a cell tower application. Cedarburg, Wisconsin successfully denied a cell tower. Read and share this article with your municipal leaders.
  6. Learn more ways to raise awareness with this Activist Tool Kit prepared by Citizens For 5G Awareness: https://citizensfor5gawareness.org/activist-tool-kit/
  7. Share this flyer about 5G with others or use it as a template to create one.
  8. Share this booklet with others: “Wireless Radiation: An Undeniable Risk to Human Health.”
  9. Attend and speak out at local meetings: municipal/town/village, school boards, parent teacher organizations, health departments, and senior citizen groups.
  10. Children are bathed in wireless radiation in their schools and are more vulnerable to harm. Take action! Here is a School Activist Tool Kit prepared by Citizens For 5G Awareness: https://citizensfor5gawareness.org/activist-school-tool-kit/
  11. Share information from this website on social media.
  12. There is a lot of information on the topic of wireless radiation and it can be a bit overwhelming.  Share either of these videos with your elected representatives/public officials, schools, health departments, libraries, friends and loved ones featuring Cece Doucette, a Technology Safety Educator. May 2019: 5G Wireless Considerations for Public Health or June 2018: EMF/RF Update
  13. Learn more. The non-profit Wireless Education has very inexpensive online half-hour courses for workplaces, schools and families.
  14. Ask your library to host a screening for your community of the award-winning movie, Generation Zapped. Here is a sample script for asking your library to host prepared by Citizens For 5G Awareness.
  15. To raise awareness, write articles for local publications or letters to the editor. Here is a Letter To The Editor of the Oconomowoc Enterprise and a Letter to the Editor of the Cap Times to get you started with your own letter.
  16. Post events and news to community Facebook pages, Patch or your neighborhood NextDoor website.
  17. If you, your neighbors or your town is looking for an attorney to help you fight a cell tower or a 4G/5G “small” cell tower(s), you may want to contact/hire Campanelli & Associates, P.C., which has an excellent record for opposing cell towers nationwide. (Wisconsin For Safe Technology has no affiliation with the Campanelli firm.)
  18. Download, print and share these Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation Posters from Environmental Health Trust.
  19. Read, sign and share the International Appeal – Stop 5G on Earth and in Space: http://www.5GSpaceAppeal.org
  20. Tell YOUR Wisconsin State Legislators you are opposed to “small” cells in your neighborhood and laws removing local control over the siting of cell towers both large and “small” near homes and schools.  Find your State Legislators HERE.
  21. Ask your Wisconsin State Legislator to support the repeal of Wisconsin’s 2013 Mobile Tower Siting Regulations and Act 14 (5G laws) to allow municipalities to protect Wisconsin citizens’ health, safety, security, privacy and property values.
  22. Ask your U.S. Congressional Representatives to support U.S. Congresswoman Eshoo’s Bill (H.R. 530) which would help restore local control by overturning the overreaching FCC Order. In Wisconsin, Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Congressman Mark Pocan are co-sponsors! Thank you! Find your U.S. Congressional Representatives HERE.
  23. Ask your U.S. Congressional Representative to sponsor/support legislation to repeal Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.
  24. Ask your U.S. Congressional Representative to demand that the outdated FCC guidelines for RF radiation exposure be updated to include the biological non-thermal health effects. Here are letters already written by U.S. Congressional Representatives to the FCC.
  25. Letters mailed to Washington D.C. can take weeks to reach your representative because the letters are screened off-site.  It is better to call or email your U.S. Congressional Representatives.
  26. Call your town/village hall to ask about their position on 5G and small cells antennas. Does your city/village have a telecom ordinance? Try to work with them to make it more protective for residents: https://www.5gcrisis.com/codes
  27. Ask your elected representatives to support faster, safer, more reliable wired fiber optics all the way to the premises.
  28. Donate to non-profit organizations making a huge difference in this fight. These groups in particular have helped Wisconsin For Safe Technology tremendously: 5G Crisis, Environmental Health Trust or SafeG.net
  29. Most importantly, start taking steps to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation and share the Safety Tips with others. Remember:

You can turn off your cell phone. You cannot turn off a cell tower.

Sample Phone Message – I’m calling to ask the (Senator or Representative) to please protect our health, safety, security, privacy and the environment by prohibiting telecom companies from placing powerful 5G antenna all over our neighborhoods without local review.  We have a right to determine how to integrate wireless technology into our own community.  Telecom companies should not be allowed to override local control.  I’d like to know what the (Senator or Representative) is doing to stop the placement of these cellular antenna in my front yard?  I’d like (him/her) to support faster, safer, more reliable wired fiber optics.  Could (he/she) please call me back.  Thank you.

“This is not a wait-and-see issue, however.  The industry is pushing fast to put toxic 5G infrastructure in our neighborhoods — cell antennas every 2–12 houses and our municipal leaders simply do not know of the health risks.  All they hear is that the industry will give them revenue if they let them put up more cell antennas for faster speeds.  And what town wouldn’t appreciate an easy revenue stream?  But not at the expense of our health and that of our children.” –Cece Doucette, Technology Safety Educator