Dangerous 5G for DNC: Downtown Milwaukee, WI

The Democratic National Convention (DNC), which is pretty much a non-event for the City of Milwaukee, starts Monday, August 17, 2020.  No speakers, including Joe Biden, will be coming to Milwaukee.  The City anticipated and made plans for 50,000 attendees. 

City and state health mandates and restrictions, worries and concerns stopped everything in its tracks.  Well, almost.  5G (Fifth Generation) wireless technology, which has not been proven safe, is being deployed in Downtown Milwaukee. 

Milwaukee Approves 5G Permits

According to a March 3, 2020 Business Journal article by Rich Kirchen, the City of Milwaukee processed permit applications for the “2020 DNC” for 5G antennas/cell towers in and around the Fiserv Forum (which was the original DNC venue) and the Wisconsin Center District. 

Let this be a warning that the inside of the Fiserv Forum has likely been upgraded with 5G service.

ExteNet Systems is working with all the wireless carriers to deploy 5G inside and outside Fiserv Forum, Alexander said. The company is a third-party operator of a distributed antenna systems.
“It’s a pretty big deal — it’s pretty intense,” he said.
Most of the increased capacity being installed at Fiserv Forum will remain in the building after the DNC and serve as a long-term upgrade to the service there.

Kirchen, R., (2020, March 3). Super Bowl for mobile devices: Wireless carriers take steps to boost service during Milwaukee DNC. BizJournals.com https://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/news/2020/03/03/super-bowl-for-mobile-devices-wireless-carriers.html

Here Comes Trouble! New 5G Cell Towers

In June 2020, approximately a mile away from the Fiserv Forum, contractors were seen tearing up the street near the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Plankinton Avenue in Downtown Milwaukee.  When a construction worker was asked what they were doing:

Worker: “We’re installing 5G for the DNC.” 

Citizen: “You know 5G hasn’t been proven safe and it harmful to human health, right?”

Worker: Blank stare. 

By July 13, 2020, a new “small” cell tower was seen on the corner of Michigan Street and Plankinton Avenue. It’s uncertain if these new cell towers are transmitting 5G. 5G will utilize current 3G and 4G wireless frequencies already in use and will add another layer of harmful radio-frequency radiation.

Take a look:

June 2020: Crews Installing Fiber Optic Cable for 5G on Plankinton Ave.
Downtown Milwaukee, WI
July 2020: New Small Cell Tower, Michigan and Plankinton,
Downtown Milwaukee, WI
Small Cell Tower, Kilbourn and Plankinton
Downtown Milwaukee, WI
Small Cell Tower, Kilbourn and Plankinton
Downtown Milwaukee, WI
July 2020: New Small Cell Tower, Plankinton Ave. between Wells and Kilbourn,
Downtown Milwaukee, WI

Within three city blocks there are five “small” cell towers (two of them installed this summer).  This is just one tiny segment of Downtown Milwaukee! 

5G Not Proven Safe

Scientists and doctors from around the world have called for a halt to the 5G rollout:

“Scientists and doctors call for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G.  5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields RF-EMF, that has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.  –The 5G Appeal

Also, the recent $30 million, ten-year FDA-ordered study by the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. National Institutes of Health found “clear evidence” of cancer from chronic exposure to radio-frequency radiation which is the type of radiation being emitted by 4G and 5G cellular antennas and towers. 

There are 1,000s of independent, peer-reviewed and published studies proving biological harm such as cancer, DNA damage, infertility, headaches, etc. from wireless technology radiation which includes cell phones, Wi-Fi, tablets, cell towers, 4G/5G cell towers, utility smart meters on homes, wireless baby monitors, etc. Unfortunately, the mainstream media does not report on these issues for fear of losing Big Telecom advertising dollars.

Headaches? Trouble Sleeping?

In this July 18, 2019 article, “With 5G, We Feel Like Guinea Pigs”, Swiss magazine L’Illustré reports of 5G injury in Switzerland immediately after installation. One Geneva resident said this:

“It happened overnight,” he says, “my ears started making sounds, very loud, even though I didn’t even know what tinnitus was.” At the same time, he feels pain on the left side of the head and on the back of the skull. And a heartache so violent that he thinks of a heart attack and that, two days later, he goes to the emergency room. “

So, if you work or live in Downtown Milwaukee or other parts of the state where small cell tower infrastructure has been installed, pay attention to how you are feeling.  Do you have sudden unexplained fatigue, sudden problems falling asleep, heart palpitations, headaches, memory issues or tinnitus? 

If so, look out your window or take a walk around your neighborhood.  Do you see “small” cell towers or antennas close to your home?  The powerful antenna can be installed on utility or light poles, traffic signals, the sides of buildings, rooftops or even bus shelters.   As can be seen in the above photo, new towers can be installed right next to existing poles creating aesthetic blight. 

Not Just a Health Concern

As outlined by Physicians For Safe Technology threats from 5G are not only health related.  They include:

Climate change with increased energy use
Weather forecast interference
Ground-based astronomy
Conflict minerals used in technology
Lower property values
Violation of UN Convention and Human Rights
Non-Lethal Weapon Use – Active Denial System
It Is An Experiment
Communications System Interference and Dysfunction

What’s left of the DNC will come and go, but the dangerous 5G infrastructure remains.

Protect Yourself

Visit the Safety Tips page to learn ways to try and protect yourself and your loved ones by reducing exposure to wireless radiation.

If your health is in rapid decline and you feel a cell tower is the cause, your only other option may be to move. You can turn off your cell phone, but you cannot turn off a cell tower.


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