Our legislators should be supporting safe, reliable secure WIRED infrastructure all the way to the home/schools/premises as described in this policy paper dated May 2018:  “Reinventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks.from the National Institute For Science, Law & Public Policy in Washington, D.C.

September 26, 2018 – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  refused to wait for Congress to approve the controversial fast-tracking of 5G. Instead, the FCC voted to adopt its own rule that overrides local control and streamlines approval and deployment of technology and infrastructure required to support the massive 5G roll-out.  Cities are suing the FCC

March 15, 2018 – Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck, an aerospace engineer, provides testimony to the legislature indicating 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) are biologically hazardous, and reminds his colleagues it is their primary duty to protect public health over technological convenience or economic growth.

June 2018 – Present – The U.S. Congress is considering legislation S. 3157 “Streamlining The Rapid Evolution And Modernization of Leading-edge Infrastructure Necessary to Enhance Small Cell Deployment Act (STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act)” introduced in the United States Senate in June 2018.

October 5, 2017 – “Taxpayers will be subsidizing construction of the network for these for-profit wireless providers,” – Karen Dettmer, City of Milwaukee Not In My Back Yard:  Residents Push Back Against Cell Towers as Industry Moves Toward 5G

May 25, 2017 – Wisconsin State Legislators proposed “small” cell 5G legislation, which is model legislation written by the wireless industry.  Assembly Bill 348 passed through the Assembly but died in the Senate in March 2018.  This proposed legislation, just like the laws that were passed in 2013, strips municipalities of their rights to make decisions about these “small” cell 5G antennas/towers. 

Analysis of AB 348 by the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau“This bill creates a regulatory framework for the state and political subdivisions (cities, villages, towns, and counties) for the deployment of wireless equipment and facilities, including the placement of such items in rights-of-way (ROW), the collocation of such facilities on existing poles and structures, the regulation of access to governmental structures by wireless services and infrastructure providers, and limitations on local authority to regulate such activities.”

2013 – Laws were slipped into Wisconsin’s 2013 Budget Bill, Mobile Tower Siting Regulations, without public hearings, that removed what little control communities retained under the 1996 Telecommunications Act to make choices about macro cell tower siting.  These laws allowed macro cell towers to be placed near homes and schools, sometimes only 25 feet from lot lines.  Sadly, many Wisconsin churches have chosen cell towers as a revenue stream over their neighbors’ health.  Across Wisconsin, residents have been saying NO to cell towers near homes and schools:DSC_0266 (2)

Bailey’s Harbor
Chippewa Falls
Fox Point
Green Bay
Menomonee Falls
Oak Creek
Prairie Du Sac

Wisconsin Residents – Are you concerned about cellular radiating antenna right outside your bedroom window? Or property value decline?  Perhaps, your concern is cyber security or the impact of microwave radiation on wildlife, particularly birds and bees?  Telecom companies should not be allowed to override local municipal control.

Go to the Take Action page to see how you can help!  This cannot be done with YOUR voice being heard.