July 12, 2019: “Wisconsin 5G Bill Signed Into Law, Groups Says Towers Are Unsafe.”

July 12, 2019: The Greendale Patch wrote this article about the 5G Bill that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed into law on July 10, 2019 without taking into consideration letters sent to him and his staff from scientific experts about the harm 5G will bring to Wisconsinites and Wisconsin’s beautiful natural resources, forests and wildlife, especially pollinators.

5G has not been proven safe. Even the wireless industry conceded in a U.S. Senate Commerce Hearing in February 2019 that it has not conducted independent scientific studies to ensure that 5G is biologically safe for humans.

“Deploying 5G without rigorous safety-testing and updated biologically-protective safety limits is irresponsible. Children are especially vulnerable to wireless radiation exposure because of their developing brains and bodies,” Greendale resident Elaine Unger, of Wisconsin For Safe Technology, said in response to the bill.

#Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech

Photo credit: Greendale Patch

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