Safety Tips

Scientific literature on wireless radiation has found the following and more:

Memory problems
Concentration difficulties
Anxiety and depression
Thyroid problems
Chronic illnesses
Altered brain development

Sleep problems
Infertility and miscarriage
Behavior issues
Cardiovascular problems
DNA mutations
Interference with medical devices such as pacemakers

Wireless Safety Tips Below, But First – How Did We Get Here?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation are pulsed by cellular devices and wireless technologies.  All of the following use this form of two-way microwave radiation to send and receive data and emit radiation which has been scientifically proven to cause health effects:

Cell phones 
Cell towers/antennas
iPads, tablets, Chrome books and laptops
Classroom access points
Wearable devices
Wireless baby monitors
Utility “smart” meters
Gaming systems
Home assistants
Cordless phones
Hearing aids

The Issues – In short, we adopted wireless technology without taking into consideration its potential impact on health.  The FCC guidelines are obsolete.  The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) guidelines in place today were developed in 1996. These address only the thermal (heat) impact which boils down to how much radiation it would take to heat the skin of a six-foot 220-pound military man. The limits are very high and they do not address the much lower non-thermal impacts that come with use of today’s devices. Science has since proven there are many harmful non-thermal effects.  

Today’s FCC standards also do not address the impact on children and fetuses which absorb significantly more radiation in their underdeveloped immune systems, DNA, bones, brains and other organs. Nor do our FCC standards address the cognitive impact on the elderly, or the immune system impact on those with existing health conditions.  Our current standards were set in place by recommendations from electronics and electrical engineers, not by qualified doctors and scientists who understand the biological effects of exposing humans and other living organisms to microwave radiation.  

The Impact – We have erected millions of cell towers and WiFi hotspots that continually bathe our planet and its inhabitants in man-made radiation.  We have installed WiFi routers in our homes, offices, schools and elsewhere. These signals interfere with our own bodies’ electrical circuitry and we are absorbing constant radiation into our organs. Our municipalities are now putting WiFi “smart meters” on our homes that pulse constant radiation signals. The result is that we are now seeing both children and adults present with symptoms like those mentioned above.

Thousands of studies have been done. Many countries have already banned or restricted the use of WiFi and cell phones for children, and put provisions in place to protect pregnant women.  The United States, however, is wonderful with innovation but slow to own up to the detrimental health impact this technology is causing.  Source:  Understanding EMFs.

Safety Tips

Wireless Safety Tips – You can turn off your cell phone.  You cannot turn off a cell tower.  #PracticeSafeTech

  • Turn off cell phones, tablets and WiFi when not in use or switch to AIRPLANE MODE.
  • Use cell phones in speaker mode or text.
  • Avoid holding cell phone near head or body during calls.
  • Avoid carrying your cell phone in a pocket, sock or bra when powered ON.
  • Pregnant women should keep wireless devices away from the abdomen and avoid WiFi.
  • Cell phones are not teething objects or toys.  Keep all wireless devices away from babies and young children.
  • Because of their thinner skulls and developing brains, the radiation penetrates a more deeply into a child’s brain.  Children should only use cell phones for emergencies.
  • Replace wireless baby monitors.
  • Keep tablets and laptops off your lap.  Place on hard surface.
  • Use a corded landline in your home and office for phone calls.
  • Hard wire all devices that connect to the internet.
  • Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains or buses.  The signal is weak so more radiation emitted.
  • Keep devices out of the bedroom.  If you need an alarm clock, switch cell phone to AIRPLANE MODE.
  • Do not text and drive.
  • Replace cordless phones with corded phones.
  • WiFi Radiation – Steps to protect yourself and your loved ones HERE.
  • Parents– Do your school-aged children complain of headaches, nausea, dizziness and more during the school year?  Start the conversation with your child’s school about removing wireless devices, WiFi and using safer wired technology.  Learn more HERE.
  • More tips at What Parents Need to Know About Safe Technology, Reducing Exposures at Home and Do’s and Dont’s for Safe Technology.
  • This fact sheet sorts out misinformation about the biological hazards of EMFs from wireless technology:  5G EMF Points of Confusion vs. Fact.
  • Advocacy group for those harmed by wireless technologies – We Are The Evidence.
  • Solutions for electromagnetic hypersensitivity/RF sickness can be found HERE.

Need More Convincing?

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