Safety Tips

Safety Tips Below. But First -The Health Effects and How Did We Get Here?

Independent, peer-reviewed and published scientific literature documents the following and more:

  • Cancers
  • DNA damage
  • Infertility/miscarriage
  • Headaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Heart irregularities
  • Endocrine (hormonal) effects
  • Adverse impacts on immunity
  • Lack of concentration
  • Memory/cognitive impairment
  • ADHD/Autism

Specific to 5G

  • Damage to the eyes (cataracts, retina damage)
  • Blindness
  • Hearing loss and deafness
  • Skin damage and skin cancer
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Damage to plants and trees
  • Collapse of insect populations, especially those that pollinate food crops and serve as food for birds and other wildlife.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity/Microwave Sickness

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Wireless Devices Emit Radiation

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation are pulsed by cellular devices and wireless technologies.  All of the following use this form of two-way microwave radiation to send and receive data: cell phones, Bluetooth, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets, iPods, smartboards, classroom access points, wearable devices, wireless earphones, wireless baby monitors, utility “smart” meters, gaming systems, cordless phones, wireless keyboards/mice, hearing aids, vehicles, home assistants, etc., as well as cell towers/antennas, including “small” cell antennas for 4G/5G and WiFi routers.

Isn’t Our Government Protecting Us?

Current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines governing public exposure to RF radiation are obsolete.  They were developed in 1996 before we had WiFi and cell towers everywhere. Long before everyone had a cell phone.

The FCC guidelines only address the thermal (heat) impact which boils down to how much radiation it would take to heat the skin. The limits are very high and they do not address the much lower non-thermal impacts that come with use of today’s devices. Science has since proven there are many harmful non-thermal biological effects.  

If you were to ask someone with the telecom industry if a cell tower or cell phone is safe, they probably will not tell you it is safe. Instead they may tell you it is FCC compliant. That’s the problem!

FCC compliance
does not equate with safety!

United States RF radiation exposure limits are 100 times higher than Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, China and other countries. These guidelines do not account for exposure to multiple sources and only consider 30 minutes of exposure from one device at a time. How much exposure do we have in a day?

Wireless Radiation Exposure Limits in Other Countries

Government agencies, scientists, doctors, the American Academy of Pediatrics and others have asked the FCC to reassess the outdated guidelines (which were set by industry engineers, not scientists and doctors), especially to take into account children, pregnant women and the elderly and nothing has been done.

Most people are unaware that wireless technology was never tested for
long-term safety.

Why has nothing been done? Well, the FCC is run by former telecom representatives and the head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, is a former Verizon atorney. Enough said.

The FCC has been described by Harvard University’s Center for Ethics writer, Norm Alster, as “the most captured agency in DC,” acting more as an industry cheerleader than regulator.

Also, the telecom industry spends $60-$80 million per year on lobbying our elected officials.

Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act says environmental concerns cannot be used to regulate cellular antennas. Our courts read into this to include health. This needs to be repealed!

Many countries have already banned or restricted the use of WiFi and cell phones for children, and put provisions in place to protect pregnant women.  The United States, however, is wonderful with innovation but slow to own up to the detrimental health impact this technology is causing.  

Mainstream Media Protects Big Telecom Advertisers

In 2019, the New York Times printed two misleading, inaccurate articles about 5G indicating that Americans had nothing to worry about as far as health. Nothing could be further from the truth! Why? To protect its advertising revenue generated by the telecom industry. The New York Times has a 5G joint venture with Verizon.

In response, Dr. Devra Davis, an award-winning scientist, wrote two excellent articles setting the record straight. Please take a few minutes to read them:

May 2019: “5G: The Unreported Global Threat”

July 2019: The Miseducation of America on 5G: The New York Times Gets it Spectacularly Wrong” – Ten Corrections to William J. Broad’s Article

“The recent headline of the NY Times trumpeted 5G as the “health hazard that isn’t.” Not so fast. A close examination of claims in that article indicates that it is time for a reset on the march to the latest wireless technology as the consequences could not be more monumental.” – Dr. Devra Davis, PhD

“Never in human history has there been such a practice as we now encounter with the marketing and distributing of products hostile to the human biological system by an industry with foreknowledge of those effects.”Robert Kane, Motorola Senior Telecom Enginner

Safety Tips

Our wireless devices are not as innocent as they seem. They all send and receive data through two-way microwave radiation. There are even fine print warnings in your devices to keep them off your head and body. Also, we all see it–screens are very addictive.

  • #PracticeSafeTech
  • Turn off cell phones, tablets and WiFi when not in use or switch to AIRPLANE MODE.
  • Use cell phones in speaker mode or text.
  • Avoid holding cell phone near head or body during calls.
  • Avoid carrying your cell phone in a pocket, sock or bra when powered ON.
  • Pregnant women should keep wireless devices away from the abdomen. Learn more at The Baby Safe Project.
  • Cell phones are not teething objects or toys.  Keep all wireless devices away from babies and young children.
  • Because of their thinner skulls and developing brains, the radiation penetrates more deeply into a child’s brain.  Children should only use cell phones for emergencies.
  • Keep tablets and laptops off your lap.  Place on hard surface.
  • Use a corded landline in your home and office for phone calls.
  • Hard wire all devices that connect to the internet. Tips for hard wiring can be found HERE.
  • Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains or buses.  The signal is weak so more wireless radiation is emitted.
  • If you can, opt-out of utility smart meters or consider purchasing a smart meter cover to put over your smart meter to reduce radiation emissions.
  • Purchase a radio-frequency meter which will help you find sources of radiation exposure in your home. Here are two radio-frequency meters to consider: Acoustimeter AM-10 and the Trifield EMF Meter Model TF2.
  • Ask your local library to purchase an RF meter so citizens can check it out to find/monitor RF radiation in their homes and remediate.
  • Replace wireless baby monitors.
  • Keep devices out of the bedroom.  If you need an alarm clock, switch cell phone to AIRPLANE MODE.
  • Do not text and drive.
  • Replace cordless phones with corded phones.
  • Learn what steps you can take to protect your family and take the FREE quiz at Wireless Education.
  • More tips at Ten Steps to Safer Technology at Home.
  • This fact sheet sorts out misinformation about the biological hazards of EMFs from wireless technology:  5G EMF Points of Confusion vs. Fact.
  • Solutions for electromagnetic sensitivity/microwave sickness can be found HERE.

Need More Convincing?

September 2019 – Video of Frank Clegg, Former President of Microsoft Canada on Safety and 5G/Wireless Technologies.

November 2018 – Former Senator and Aerospace Engineer Patrick Colbeck’s Policy Guidance on Wireless Radiation.

July 2018 Frank Clegg, Former President of Microsoft Canada, knows that wireless radiation is harmful to health. In fact, he has never had WiFi in his home because he felt it was not safe. “An Industry Perspective On Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

May 2018 Silicon Valley Parents Increasingly Limit Their Kids’ Screen Time.

January 2018 – “Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech free – and it should’ve been a red flag.”  An article about the addictive power of digital technology from The Business Insider. 

August 2015 –  Is your child moody, depressed, angry or unmotivated?  Wired?  Tired?  An article about screen time from Psychology Today.