Wisconsin For Safe Technology is non-profit, volunteer based organization and is part of a national coalition of over 140 organizations across the United States, Americans For Responsible Technology, opposed to 5G wireless technology. We support safe technology like fiber optic lines all the way to the premises.

Wisconsin For Safe Technology Raising awareness about any legislation which severely limits a municipality’s authority to control where AT&T, Verizon and other wireless providers install powerful “small” cell antennas to facilitate the roll out of 5G (not proven safe for humans or the environment).

Wisconsin For Safe Technology – Working hard to provide fact-based information–especially about independent, peer-reviewed and published scientific evidence of significant health effects–to our elected representatives in a respectful manner. 

Wisconsin For Safe Technology – Educating Wisconsinites about the harm caused by all wireless technologies. We are not against technology. We are against technology that has been proven to be harmful to human health and the environment.

Go to the Take Action page to see how you can help!  This cannot be done with YOUR voice being heard, TODAY.   Most importantly, go to the Safety Tips page to learn more about wireless radiation and how to protect you and your loved ones.  Thank you! #Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech