Wisconsin For Safe Technology, UA, a non-profit, unincorporated association, is a citizens’ group raising awareness about 5G (Fifth Generation) technology and is part of a national coalition and supports the principles of  Americans For Responsible Technology, a grassroots organization that is committed to promoting new technologies that protect the health, safety, security, privacy and property values of the citizens of Wisconsin and across the country.  We support wired infrastructure all the way to the premises, which is faster, safer, more secure and uses less energy than wireless.  

The Main Issues:

The FCC (which has no health experts on its staff) has misrepresented the scientific evidence on the issue of wireless radiation and lacks the authority and ability to evaluate the actual health implications of widespread deployment of millions of powerful new 5G cell towers which will add another layer of RF microwave radiation to our environment. 

Neither the FCC nor the wireless industry has conducted independent scientific studies to ensure that 5G is biologically safe to humans.

The FCC last updated human exposure guidelines for RF microwave radiation back in 1996 when cell phones were the size of a brick and there was no Wi-Fi in schools, libraries, offices, restaurants and coffee shops, despite being asked by doctors, scientists and the U.S. Government Accountability Office to update its guidelines.

The FCC guidelines (just guidelines, not regulations) for wireless radiation only address THERMAL exposures which means how close you would have to get to a cellular antenna before it burns your skin.  When is the last time you climbed up a cell tower or stood next to cellular antenna on a rooftop?  The FCC is ignoring thousands if independent peer reviewed studies showing serious BIOLOGICAL harm from wireless technologies.

We, like many organizations and municipalities, are opposed to the September 26, 2018 FCC Order which severely limits local municipality’s authority to control where AT&T, Verizon and other wireless providers install powerful “small” cell 5G antennas/towers to facilitate the roll out of 5G, a new technology (not safe for humans or the environment) for faster internet speeds and to connect the Internet of Things (driverless cars, robots, smart appliances).

Wisconsin For Safe Technology also asks our State Legislators to repeal Wisconsin’s Mobile Tower Siting Regulations which were laws slipped into the 2013 Budget Bill, without public hearings, that removed what little control communities retained under the 1996 Telecommunications Act to make choices about macro cell tower siting.  Since 2013, residents all over Wisconsin, including Greendale, Menomonee Falls and Appleton have been fighting the placement of macro cell towers near their homes and schools with very little success due to the State laws which trample on local control.

Wisconsin For Safe Technology is working hard to provide fact-based convincing information–especially about scientific evidence of significant health effects–to our elected representatives in a respectful manner–to educate and engage and raise awareness among Wisconsin residents 

Wisconsin For Safe Technology – We do NOT want or need even faster internet speeds or to connect the Internet of Things (driverless cars, robots, smart appliances) at the expense of our health, privacy, safety and security.  We support faster, safer, more reliable hard wired technologies all the way to the premises which enable internet connectivity and fast speeds, and deliver zero RF microwave radiation to the end-user.

Go to the Take Action page to see how you can help!  This cannot be done with YOUR voice being heard, TODAY.   And go to the Safety Tips page to learn more about wireless radiation and how to protect your loved ones.  Thank you!