TAKE ACTION! Send Comments to FCC about Wireless Radiation and Health Risk

Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

May 18, 2020: Do you think 5G is dangerous? Do you think wireless radiation is unsafe? Do you think the FCC’s antiquated wireless radiation exposure guidelines need to be updated to protect human health and environment?

If you answered YES, please take a few moments to let the FCC know WHAT YOU THINK.

The FCC is soliciting the public’s input on Docket No. 19-226 regarding wireless radiation and human health.

SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS BY JUNE 3, 2020 (deadline was extended).

Go HERE to submit your comments to the FCC.

Thank you to 5G Crisis a project of Americans for Responsible Technology (ART) for the step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial and sample comments. If you click on “CLICK HERE TO READ MORE” in the blue box in ART’s instructions, you will see SAMPLE COMMENTS that you can use/borrow from.

Helpful Tips

  1. Include scientific evidence: Please ensure your submission has documented scientific evidence showing a biological effect (cancer, DNA damage, infertility, microwave sickness, etc.) from non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Important —  If you have links to scientific studies please insert the following, “Links hereby incorporated by reference” to ensure that the study becomes a part of the record. Or paste the entire study or citation with full reference into the comments.
  2. Injured individuals:  Ideally your submission will contain your personal statement documenting biological harm, including any experiential evidence you can offer showing that the harm is indeed caused by electronic product radiation (e.g. you feel better when it is turned off or you leave the area), a doctor’s letter stating the connection as their medical opinion, and scientific studies supporting the connection.
  3. According to Environmental Health Trust:

“In making a decision, the FCC is only required to consider the information submitted to this docket.  And, they can only be held to account legally for making an inappropriate or bad decision if the information showing that they did so is in this docket.  Thus, we need everyone to submit information they consider to be relevant. Please make sure your voice is heard, so the FCC feels the pressure.”

SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS BY JUNE 3, 2020 (deadline was extended).

Go HERE to submit your comments to the FCC.

Thank you!


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