Sign Petition to Stop 5G Before May 17, 2020


April 27, 2020: Please sign and SHARE this U.S. federal government petition to stop 5G deployment. One hundred thousand (100,000) signatures are needed before May 17, 2020:

Click Here: Stop the Deployment of 5G in the United States – Sign and Share with Others!

Created by K.S. on April 17, 2020

“There has been a rapid deployment of 5G throughout our country in 2020. The warnings and hazards for human health and environmental consequences of this technology have been largely ignored by the Federal Government. The health of the people and the environment far exceeds the financial gain, as well as the “faster internet” touted as necessary by the telecommunication companies. Donald Trump has signed a policy that protects these telecommunication companies and ensures the rapid forward movement of 5G installment. Despite many concerns raised by scientists, doctors, and health care practitioners as well as countless American citizens about the dangerous levels of radiation emitted by this technology, this issue has been ignored. We the People do NOT consent to 5G in our communities.”


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