Appleton, Wisconsin Passes 5G Small Cell Tower Resolution

January 20, 2020: Good news! On November 6, 2019, the Common Council of the City of Appleton, Wisconsin (pop. 74,000) passed a 5G Resolution #16-R-19 by a vote of 11-3 entitled “Small Cell Wireless Equipment.” 

A resolution is not a legally-binding document, but by passing the Resolution, the City of Appleton acknowledges constituent concerns about 5G, the new untested wireless technology.

5G is being rolled out across Wisconsin and the U.S., but has not been proven safe for humans or the environment resulting in worldwide pushback

Appleton’s 5G Resolution

The Resolution was introduced by Alderpersons Alex Schultz and Cathy Spears and urges the Wisconsin state legislature and the federal government to initiate INDEPENDENT studies of the health effects of small cell wireless and 5G technology:

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED; The Mayor and the City of Appleton hereby urge the state and federal governments to initiate independent scientifically reliable studies of the health effects of small cell wireless and 5G technology on residential populations and develop guidelines for the installation of this technology that will protect the health and welfare of the public.  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; The Common Council hereby directs the City Clerk to transmit a copy of this Resolution to all appropriate entities.”

What is 5G?

5G (Fifth Generation) wireless technology requires millions of new small cell antennas to be installed nationwide throughout neighborhoods spaced just hundreds of feet apart on utility and light poles, buildings and traffic signals emitting radio-frequency (RF) radiation resulting in continuous, involuntary exposure for Wisconsinites and all Americans in their homes, schools and businesses.

Trees are also being trimmed and cut down so they don’t impede the 5G signals.

These small cell antennas do not replace macro cell towers, they supplement them.   

“Many people assume that #5G stands for 5Ghz, the number they see on their internet connection. This 5G is something entirely different, and could have almost unimaginably devastating impacts on our health + environment.”  -Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense

Non-industry Science Proves Harm

There are 1,000s of independent, peer-reviewed and published studies on the health effects of wireless radiation, such as increased cancers in children and adults, DNA damage, infertility and miscarriage, headaches, tinnitus, heart irregularities, endocrine (hormonal) effects, adverse impacts on immunity, lack of concentration, memory and cognitive impairment, behavioral problems, insomnia, fatigue, nosebleeds, nausea, dizziness, anxiety/depression, suicidal ideation, interference with medical devices such as pacemakers, electromagnetic sensitivity (a/k/a microwave sickness, radio-frequency sickness) and more.

Two important studies were completed in 2018:

The FDA-ordered National Institutes of Health National Toxicology Program (NTP) Study on cell phone radiation proved “clear evidence” of cancer, heart damage, DNA damage and fetal effects.

The Ramazzini Institute Study (partially funded by the U.S.) on cell tower radiation, at levels of exposure much lower than the NTP study (and lower than FCC limits), found increases in schwannomas of the heart in male rats and low birth weights, corroborating the findings of the NTP. 

Want to be a guinea pig in the 5G experiment?

If you are concerned about the health of your family, the environment (especially pollinators), property value decline, aesthetics, trees or your privacy, bring your concerns to your local public officials and ask them to pass a resolution. 

Ask that the resolution be sent to appropriate entities (the state legislature, the governor, federal representatives, FCC, FDA) and not just signed and filed away in a drawer.  What good is that? 

Also, ask that the municipality send a press release to the media about the resolution which will educate citizens and prompt other Wisconsin municipalities to take similar actions.

Here is sample 5G resolution prepared by 5G Crisis, a project of Americans For Responsible Technology. 

Wisconsin, let your voice be heard!  There’s a lot at stake!

Wisconsin For Safe Technology Press Release


3 thoughts on “Appleton, Wisconsin Passes 5G Small Cell Tower Resolution

  1. Carol Abramoff

    I have read about 5G. The implications are startling. We will truly be under constant watch. When we are sleeping, awake, walking about. This is data that will be our shadow. Think of taxes. We will always be taxed moment by moment. Each and every action will be recorded, whether in or out doors. This is more information than garnered by computer and phone usage. 5G was developed for warfare. We, the people are under war time, present time. The studies have been done, published and the results are already experienced by the communities that have 5G installations. Not the marvel claimed for those who live with 5G. More unexplained illness. Our only hope to survive is to eat right. Live right. But, that knowledge is long forgotten, stolen from us as well.


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