Children Protected in Australia: Cell phone ban to “improve the health and wellbeing of students.”

October 30, 2019:  The Western Australian Government announced a ban on technology during class time “to reduce issues brought into schools via technology.” 

Restrictions have been set on cell phones, smart watches, ear buds and tablets at public schools “responding to concerns from parents and teachers about the pressures and demands that carrying a mobile phone brings to young people.” 

Not only will the ban help with students distracted by wireless devices, but the ban will reduce Australian students’ exposure to proven harmful radio-frequency radiation which is emitted by all wireless technology including:  cell phones, WiFi, tablets, Chrome books, smart boards, wireless headphones, wearables, home assistants, wireless baby monitors, cell towers, utility “smart” meters, 4G/5G-enabled “small” cell antennas, etc. 

A step in the right direction, especially since so many of today’s youth complain of anxiety, depression, cyber-bullying, suicidal ideation, migraines, fatigue, dizziness, nosebleeds, concentration difficulties and more.

It has been scientifically proven in 1,000s of INDEPENDENT, peer-reviewed and published studies that chronic exposure to wireless radiation is harmful biologically to humans and the environment.

Kansas Increases Students’ Wireless Radiation Exposure

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Kansas schools recently announced an INCREASE in Wi-Fi technology in public schools, which will exponentially increase the wireless radiation exposure in schools.  “In the past four years, Kansas has spent 37.7-million dollars in federal funding to upgrade Wi-Fi networks.”

This is a foolish move because children are more vulnerable to harm from Wi-Fi and other wireless technology due to their thinner skulls and developing brains and bodies.   

Schools should go back to safe wired-only internet connections.

Parents: Start the Conversation with Your School Districts

If parents and teachers in the United States don’t speak up, nothing will change.  Wireless technology/screen time is extremely addictive, especially to children. Could schools be considered drug dealers since they encourage more and more screen time?

Resources for Parents and Teachers

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