5G is Coming: Actions to Protect Yourselves

November 3, 2019: This article, “Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G,” in Eluxe Magazine describes the basics of 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless technology and the health and planetary impact with the science proving harm.

Below are actions excerpted from the article that you can take to protect you and your loved ones from 5G and wireless radiation. See our Take Action and Safety Tips pages for additional resources.

Start the converation with family and friends about 5G so they can get educated themselves.

According to “Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G”:

  • Understand EMFs and their behaviours. Get a good quality radiation detector to know whether or not you’re near high levels of EMFs.
  • Whenever possible, limit your exposure: use an anti-radiation headset or speaker mode while talking on a cellphone.
  • Learn more. This network has tons of great information and ideas on how to protect yourself.
  • Refuse to use 5G phones and devices. Full stop. And discourage those you know from doing so.
  • Refuse to buy anything ‘smart’ – ‘smart’ appliances, ‘smart’ heaters, etc.
  • Some believe that carrying shungite crystals can offer some protection from radiation
  • No matter what, do NOT get a smart meter – these put high levels of 5G radiation right in your home
  • Join the growing numbers of dissenters against the dangers of 5G. Get active with them here. [Wisconsin For Safe Technology is part of a national coalition, Americans For Responsible Technology. Form your own group. Learn how HERE.]
  • Do as the Hawaiians have done and threaten smart meter and 5G tech installers with liability. You can learn how to do that here.

Information about more EMF shielding products can be found HERE.

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