August 21, 2019: iPhone 7 Exceeds Radiation Exposure Limits in Independent Lab Tests

August 21, 2019: Our wireless devices are not as innocent as they seem. Did you know that buried layers in your smart phone is a fine-print warning to keep it off your head and body?

Today, the Chicago Tribune published an investigative piece about cell phone radiation exposure titled: “We tested popular cellphones for radiofrequency radiation. Now the FCC is investigating.

“This test, which was paid for by the Tribune and conducted according to federal guidelines at an accredited lab, produced a surprising result: Radiofrequency radiation exposure from the iPhone 7 — one of the most popular smartphones ever sold — measured over the legal safety limit and more than double what Apple reported to federal regulators from its own testing.”

For years, scientists, doctors, the American Academy of Pediatrics, members of Congress, the Government Accountability Office and others have requested that the FCC update its wireless radiation exposure guidelines that are over 23 years old, especially to take into account the unique vulnerability of children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with implanted medical devices. Actually, we are all at risk when it comes to wireless radiation exposure.

Many feel that the FCC is ignoring these requests in order to roll out 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless technology first, which will require powerful “small” cell antennas inside our neighborhoods installed on utility and light poles, traffis signals, buildings and bus stops. 5G requires a densification of cellular antennas which emit proven harmful wireless radiation 24/7. You won’t be able to opt out or turn it off. This is called involuntary exposure.

Joel M. Moskowitz Ph.D. was also quoted in the article:

“These testing methods didn’t address the anatomy of children and that of other vulnerable populations, such as pregnant women, said Joel Moskowitz, a cellphone expert at the University of California at Berkeley.”

All wireless devices emit wireless radiation. It is important to protect yourself and your loved ones from wireless radiation exposure. Here are some wireless safety tips.

#Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech

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