July 15, 2019: “5G Wireless Technology May Be Coming to Wisconsin, Amid Praise, Concerns”

July 15, 2019: Here is Milwaukee’s NPR (WUWM 89.7) podcast/article about the 5G Bill that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed last week ignoring scientific experts who wrote him letters about the harm 5G will bring to both human health and the environment.

Based on the following quote from Governor Evers, it seems he is fine keeping up with neighboring states without fully investigating the impact 5G (Fifth Generation) wireless technology will have on Wisconsinites, particularly vulnerable populations such as children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and those with implanted medical devices.

“Any time we go down a new road with new technology, we have to be careful and watchful. If we need to address things in the future, we’d be glad to do it,” Evers responded. “But we can’t be the only state in the Midwest that’s behind on 5G. It was an important piece to pass, but we’ll be monitoring it.”

So, on the one hand, Governor Evers says Wisconsin public officials need to be careful, but on the other hand, he indicates the need to keep up with the Joneses, so he will allow 5G to come barreling toward Wisconsinites with no safety testing, taking the “let’s wait and see what happens” approach with Wisconsinites’ health. That’s simply not right and so incredibly disappointing!

Other interesting facts:

  • The 5G Bill did not get the support of State lawmakers from Madison or Milwaukee!
  • Foxconn’s Eau Claire, Wisconsin facility will be involved with the development of 5G.
  • The massive Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin will use driverless cars and driverless cars need 5G!
  • Foxconn gifted $100 million to UW-Madison.

Hmmmm. What does that tell you? (All of this was from a February 15, 2019 Milwaukee Business Journal Special Report about Foxconn, sponsored by Aurora Health of all things! Good grief!) Learn more about 5G here.

#Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech

Photo credit: Chuck Quirmbach

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