June 23, 2019: Governor Evers, VETO 5G Small Cell Bill!

June 23, 2019: First of all, Governor Evers, please VETO the 5G Bill! 5G puts Wisconsinites in harm’s way and tramples on local control! Contact Gov. Evers ASAP! 608-266-1212 EversInfo@Wisconsin.gov.

Governor Tony Evers
115 East, State Capitol
Madison, WI 53702-0001

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill that allows Big Telecom to install thousands of powerful 5G-enabled “small” cell antennas throughout every Wisconsin neighborhood from Milwaukee to Superior! What was particularly disappointing was that the legislation was passed by voice vote, which means no roll call was taken, no votes were tallied or recorded!

So, if you want to know whether or not your State representative voted to protect your health, safety, security, privacy and property values, you will have to call them up and ask and then will they be truthful?

The Senate passed the Bill 27-5. The following Senators wisely voted NO: Tim Carpenter, Janis Ringhand, Lena Taylor (asked excellent questions during the Public Hearing), Mark Miller and Fred Risser.

Wisconsin’s two largest cities, Milwaukee and Madison, do NOT support the 5G legislation.

An article printed in Milwaukee’s Daily Reporter on June 20, 2019 stated:

“Supporters are calling for quick action to get the technology in place, especially before Milwaukee hosts the Democratic National Convention next year. Opponents say the measure takes too much power away from local governments and doesn’t consider the technology’s possible health risks.”

Possible? Not even close. Citizens are feeling the effects of 4G and 5G small cells all over the country and world. For instance, intense headaches, nausea and nosebleeds that seem to go away when they get far away from these powerful antennas. 5G has not been proven biologically safe. Period.

#Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech

Photo Credit: http://www.5GCrisis.com

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