June 21, 2019: Press Release: We, the citizens of Wisconsin, would appreciate having our voice heard.

June 21, 2019:  The following Press Release was sent to Wisconsin media with this message:   “Dear Media:  Attached is a Press Release for this weekend or Monday.  There has been a fair amount of media coverage this week about the 5G legislation that was passed on Tuesday and is headed for Governor Evers.  We, the citizens of Wisconsin, would appreciate having our voice heard.

  Press Release       

For Release:                           June 22-24, 2019
Contact:                                  Elaine Unger 414-423-6292

Concerned Citizens Urge Governor Evers to Veto 5G Small Cell Bill

– A bill that would lead to the deployment of thousands of 5G-enabled cellular antennas inside neighborhoods across Wisconsin has citizens pressing Governor Evers to veto it due to health concerns.

The 5G bill, approved on Tuesday, June 18, would allow telecom companies to install 5G antennas and other wireless cell equipment on utility and light poles every few hundred feet.  The bill strips the rights of local government to protect citizens.

Elaine Unger, lead organizer of Wisconsin For Safe Technology, says 5G technology has not been proven safe and is more powerful than older technologies which have shown serious health effects. 

“The FDA ordered the premier 10-year $30 million U.S. National Toxicology Program study on 2G and 3G wireless technology.  The results from last November showed ‘clear evidence’ of cancer,” said Unger.  “So deploying 5G without any knowledge about health effects is a really bad idea.  Children are especially vulnerable because of their developing brains and bodies.” 

5G (Fifth Generation) wireless technology uses radio-frequency wireless radiation to transmit large amounts of data, but it works best over short distances requiring cellular antennas very close to the user.

Scientists and doctors from around the world have called for a moratorium on the 5G roll-out.  The 5G Appeal states:  “5G will substantially increase exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields RF-EMF, that has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”  The Appeal is at http://www.5GAppeal.eu.

“Governor Evers should veto the bill to protect the health, safety, privacy, property values and most of all the children of Wisconsin,” said Unger.

“New Hampshire passed HB 522, a bill to study the health and environmental effects of 5G technology.  Governor Evers should err on the side of a caution and veto because 5G is barreling toward us all with no proof of safety,” said Unger.  “We can’t opt out.  We can’t turn it off.”

Wisconsin For Safe Technology is part of a national coalition, Americans For Responsible Technology, of over 100 organizations across the U.S. opposed to 5G that support safe technology like wired lines all the way to the premises. 


U.S. NTP Study on 2G/3G:      https://ntp.niehs.nih.gov/results/areas/cellphones/

Scientists/Doctors Sign 5G Appeal:  www.5GAppeal.eu

New Hampshire Bill to Study 5G:  http://gencourt.state.nh.us/bill_status/bill_status.aspx?lsr=0261&sy=2019&txtsessionyear=2019&txtbillnumber=hb522&sortoption=&q=1

#Stop5G #PracticeSafeTech

Photo Credit: http://www.5GCrisis.com

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