Time to Oppose 5G in Wisconsin!

June 6, 2019: If you do not want a 5G-enabled “small” cell tower in your front yard, call your State representatives today!  Tell them to Vote NO to Wisconsin Small Cell Legislation (Assembly Bill 234 and Senate Bill 239.  Find your State representatives HERE.  

Also, because this legislation is moving quickly, we feel it is time to:

Ask Governor Evers to VETO AB 234 and SB 239 – Wisconsin Small Cell Legislation: Call his office ASAP at: 608-266-1212 or EversInfo@wisconsin.gov

Governor Ever’s mailing address is:

The Honorable Tony Evers
Governor of Wisconsin
115 East, State Capitol
Madison WI 53702

Small Cell in Greenfield, Wisconsin – Involuntary Exposure 24/7

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