August 10, 2018: This website is to raise awareness about the harm caused by wireless radiation to human health and the environment. It is also to help raise awareness about 5G “small” cell antenna/towers and the legislation being considered by the State of Wisconsin and the U.S. Congress.  Legislation that again removes municipal control over the siting of “small” cell antenna up and down our streets spaced 2-12 houses apart for the roll out of 5G (driverless cars, video streaming, smart appliances, the Internet of Things). 

We also wish to share safety tips with you so you can minimize your exposure to wireless radiation since 5G will add another layer of wireless radiation to our environment…right outside your window.  And you won’t be able to turn it off.

Wisconsin communities from Greendale to Green Bay and beyond have been fighting macro cell towers since 2013!  All around our beautiful state, citizens were shocked to learn that massive cell towers could be placed in the backyards of homes and in school parking lots.  There was very little local government could do to stop them.

Now laws are pending to again remove local control over the siting of “small” cell antenna/towers, the infrastructure for 4G and to roll out 5G (Fifth Generation).  These transmitting antenna will blanket our neighborhoods with 5G millimeter waves, not tested for safety on humans.  Many of us know that wireless radiation is unsafe and that the FCC guidelines are over 23 years old and only protect us from thermal harm (heating of tissue), not the many biological effects from wireless radiation:  migraines, chronic fatigue, cancers, nosebleeds, tinnitus, depression, sleep disorder, heart problems, infertility, attention difficulties, Alzheimer’s–the list goes on and on.  There are thousands of INDEPENDENT scientific studies showing the harm.  How long and how sick do we have to get before the FCC and other government agencies pay attention to the scientists and doctors calling for a halt to the roll out of 5G?

If you don’t want a cell tower in your front yard (in the rights-of-way) due to aesthetics, health concerns, safety concerns, property value decline, etc., please contact your State and Federal elected representatives!  Call and email.

And please don’t wait.  It’s important that your elected representatives hear from you now, TODAY, within the next 100 days before elections this fall.

You can turn off your cell phone.  You cannot turn off a cell tower.  #Stop5G

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